What We Offer

At Mouneh House we provide our customers with an upgraded shopping experience while keeping prices competitive. Shop our aisles for top quality fresh produce, meat & poultry and enjoy our wide selection of food and non food products.  Mouneh House also cares for your wellbeing and have brought you a big assortment of healthy and organic products to help you stay fit

Trendy Lebanese Brands
At Mouneh House, You can shop a variety of products from our top production partners. which we always work had to provide the best selection of goodies for the best price
Mouneh House brings you a good selection of our Lahm B'ajeen, Manakesh & Fatayer products. We offer a wide selection of confections, and dry goods
Fruits & Vegetables
Our promise to you is top quality and we keep you in mind when we handpick our fruits and vegetables to ensure we save you this one extra shopping stop.
Meat & Poultry
Besides the regular assortment of high quality Halal Meat, check out how they are spicing up the meat and chicken to propose new items to your menu.
Oriantal Sweets
Try our home made very carefully selected list of Oriantal Sweets made strictly in our oven to assure quality and the best ingredients as well as the best taste
Chease & Dairy products
Try our own wide selection of dairy products to cover all your needs. Order your decorated fruit platters for an attractive healthy option at your dessert table.
Try our carefull selected sandwishes to match your taste and for you to have the best taste with the best possibel price
Direct from the Grill
Try our top quality meals direct from the grill