Mouneh House's idea is a result of a tangible need in Beirut for a store where it all comes together. Why do you have to buy your meat in one place, your fresh fruits and vegetables in another and your groceries in yet another? Mouneh House aims at simplifying your shopping experience & making it an enjoyable one while catering for the new organic and healthy trends in a modern setting. We provide you with a wider choice at great value! Visit Mouneh House, run your errands supported by our friendly staff, sip a cup of coffee and let our staff handle your order or call us from the comfort of your home and we will deliver.


Bakery Coming Soon!


Opening hours:

Mouneh House opens from 7am to 11 pm everyday including Sundays and offers free parking for its customers



We deliver everyday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM including Sundays with no minimum order requirement.  Our delivery team also carries a wireless credit card machine if that’s how you wish to pay.  The best part though? You collect loyalty points on your delivery orders as well.
Thank you for visiting!